Master of Chaos by Shannon McKenna

Master of Chaos (The Unredeemables #3) by Shannon McKenna – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

She’s as beautiful as a fallen angel…

I don’t know how long I’ve been locked in Halliwell’s dungeon. That psycho billionaire is still trying pry my brother Ethan’s all-powerful algorithm, SmokeScreen, out of me. The only escape is death. I’m ready. More than ready.
Then the redhead sneaks in. Smart, sexy, smoking hot, even through a six-inch wall of reinforced glass. She’s doing me no favors. Making me feel again when I’m better off numb. Maybe she’s acting, maybe I’m hallucinating, but now Halliwell has decided to put me down… and just when I start wanting to live again.
The redhead might be my way out… but only at a price I can’t afford to pay…
He’s as deadly as a caged tiger…
I shouldn’t be poking around in the secret depths of Owen Halliwell’s headquarters. The guy might be my biological father, but I’d known that he was a monster even before I saw Shane Masters, the prisoner down in Level Eight. Before my knees started to quake, and my heart to gallop like a herd of wild horses.
I’m stuck in this hellhole for my own reasons. My little sister has a rare disease, and Halliwell has strong-armed me into writing malware for him in exchange for a cure. It’s keeping her alive, yes, but this place is next-level toxic.
Even multiple layers of security and the obscene shock collar can’t diminish the power emanating from that man. Then I discover that the algorithm Shane refuses to reveal could save my sister… and that Halliwell has scheduled his execution.
That can’t happen. I have to break him out. He’s a commando warrior, furiously angry, completely unpredictable. He could be my salvation. He could be my ruin.

All I can do is roll the dice…

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