Marrying the Billionaire by Marion De Ré [ePub]

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Marrying the Billionaire (For The Love of Rom-Coms #4) by Marion De Ré

LA is a dream graveyard.
At least that’s what I thought. Turns out I just landed a big paying part after all.
Well, acting as a Billionaire wife isn’t exactly what I was thinking when I dreamed about my career, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Besides, pretending is my thing. I’ve been doing it for so long it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.
So, in the span of a few days, my cat and I moved from a studio apartment to a mega mansion.
Too bad it comes with a grumpy British man who’s allergic to cats, annoyingly handsome, and hates anything but his job.
But there might be more to Colton’s cold facade, and as it crackles, I discover a protective and caring man with a past almost as complicated as the one I’m running from.
As we get more comfortable in this fake relationship, I get a sense of safety I’ve never experienced in my life and the line between truth and lie starts to blur.
Or is it?
If it were all fake, I’m pretty sure my heart wouldn’t rattle in my chest every time Colton smiles at me. Or talks to me. Or looks at me.
I know this marriage isn’t real, but what if my feelings are?

Marrying the Billionaire – Marion De Ré

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