Marked by J. C. McKenzie

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Marked (Curse of the Immortals #1) by J. C. McKenzie

I am Artemis, Guardian of the Forbidden Forest.
I am fearless.
I am feared.
And I do not fail.
Until…one day, I do. And it’s not me who pays the price.
Now, I must work with Ace, a man I loathe, to track down a group of merciless killers. If I fail again, I will become the next target and lose everything I’ve worked so hard to build. With danger lurking in every shadow, two things become abundantly clear—Ace isn’t who or what he claims to be…
And neither am I.
Don’t miss this addictive fantasy romance with mystery, mayhem and a slow burn romance by international bestselling author, J. C. McKenzie.

Marked – J. C. McKenzie

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