Marcus by Kat Baxter

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Marcus (Grizzly Guardians) by Kat Baxter

I’ve never believed in fated mates.
It’s not common among bear shifters, so I never gave it much thought. I do know one thing for sure, humans and bears do not mix.
So when voluptuous and sassy Aspen Reeves moves to my small town, I do everything I can to ignore the pull I feel towards her. My bear is certain she belongs to us.
I am more man than animal and I refuse to be held captive by my baser instincts. I’m determined to stay away from the tantalizing human.
But when we’re trapped together in a laboratory lock-down, my resolve will be put to the ultimate test. Can I keep my bear at bay, or will my urges to claim her as my mate change everything?

Marcus – Kat Baxter

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