Marcel by Katie Dowe

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Marcel (Members From Money Season 2, #126) by Katie Dowe

Nikki Johnston, a savvy junior partner at a law firm, finds herself in the middle of a chaotic situation.

Marcel Hadley, the head of the firm’s handsome playboy son, is causing a scandal that could take down the whole firm!
To quash the rumors and secure the care her sick mother needs, Nikki reluctantly agrees to marry Marcel as part of a scheme to salvage the firm’s reputation.

The plan was simple: keep things all business, no feelings involved.
But as they play the part of a married couple, the lines between pretend and reality start to blur!
Just as their faux relationship begins to spark genuine feelings, the ghosts of Marcel’s tumultuous past emerge, threatening to ruin everything…
Can a love that began as a contract grow into something truly lasting?
Or will the weight of their pasts crush any chance for a real future together?

Marcel – Katie Dowe

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