Manhattan Memory by V Theia

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Manhattan Memory (From Manhattan #10) by V Theia

Do you believe in unreliable narrators?
I’m sure by the end of this you will.
Yet, there is one thing that you can rely on.
How obsessed I am with the crankiest girl.
My Samia.
She has become the exclusive object of my attention.
The purpose behind all my actions.
Underhanded as it may be.
The rewards far outweigh the consequences.
MacNamaras are unlawful, resourceful folks when we need to be.
I can’t lose.
I won’t lose.
Are my choices right? Not even close.
Who said all’s fair in love and war?
Infatuation drives me.
Love is my only motivation.
Are you getting the picture yet?
She’s my one. The love of my corrupt life.
Her memories have been lost.
It’s time to make my girl fall for me.
And make her mine forever.

Manhattan Memory – V Theia

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