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Malicious Desires (Wrongful Desires #1) by Caz May

In beautiful Vemore our story begins, where a family feud spanning generations is about to shatter when two young men, forbidden to associate fall in love.

I’m a monster. A killer for hire by my father.
And I kill the enemy. The scum of Vemore, those by the name of Capullo or those who side with said scum.
And despite hating the man my father has forced me to become it’s never been an issue until now.
Because I kissed the enemy. And I’m breaking every rule set out by my name being Montserrat just for another tempting kiss, for his forbidden touch.


I’m an artist.
A lover of history and following the rules.
And I strive to do the right thing. What my father wishes.
But he doesn’t know the real me. The man my father knows is the good boy, he doesn’t know the man I really am so I’m unavoidably staying deep in the closet.
It’s never really been an issue until I was kissed by the enemy.
And I’m sinning over and over with him, begging him for any scrap of attention he wants to give me, giving into his tempting kisses, and longing for his forbidden touch.
Falling for your enemy is the biggest sin one can commit, and I’m a willing victim to that great temptation.

A Romeo & Juliet mm reimagining

Malicious Desires – Caz May

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