Malaki by Theresa Hissong

Malaki (Rise of the Pride #14) by Theresa Hissong – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in comments.

Malaki was a victim of his past
Cheyenne was a victim of her enemies.
Malaki suffered for years over the things that transpired in his life since his teenage years. He’d spent the last ten years being hateful and angry, and he couldn’t forgive the sins against his sister. While spending a year in the swamps of Louisiana, he rediscovered himself. With his heart less hardened, he returned to the Shaw pride to pick up where he’d left off as a Guardian. He knew peace had come to their kind, but that was all shattered when a beautiful female arrived sporting injuries he hadn’t seen in years.
Cheyenne had witnessed her entire pack assassinated, leaving only her and four elders alive. The brutality of it kept her skittish, but that didn’t stop her after she’d arrived at the Shaw pride with terrible injuries…injuries she was unable to heal from shifting. She was born a runt…sickly. It was uncommon for a shifter to have a healing disorder, but somehow she was the one out of a very few who healed more like a human than she did being a born shifter.
Their lives shouldn’t have crossed, but the gods had other plans. Malaki would have to accept his past, moving on so he could have a future with Cheyenne, but seeing her injured by an enemy again may just send him over the edge.
It would take time, but somehow they would learn to conquer life together.

Malaki – Theresa Hissong ePUb

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