Make You Love Me by Alexandra Grace

Make You Love Me (You and Me #1) by Alexandra Grace – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

One lie can either destroy or save us…
After four years of hot and casual nights together, Jordan Jones breaks the first rule of our friends-with-benefits arrangement, ending it for good. He wanted forever.I never expected to revisit that emotional wound until the day his sister says he’s been in an accident and doesn’t remember our breakup. With his sister unable to care for him and his recovering head injury, I find myself moving in, guilt over a past I can now take back, driving the potentially reckless decision.Protecting my heart and secrets is near impossible with him so close, so perfect. He looks at me with those longing blue eyes and all my walls come crashing down. Whether I surrender or fight back, the destruction of what we once had and what we’ve since become looms over us.And this time, Jordan’s heart won’t be the only thing devastated when the truth collides with the lies.

Make You Love Me – Alexandra Grace ePUB

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