Make Me Pretty by Marie Ann

Make Me Pretty (Visceral #1) by Marie Ann – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Abel Silver has only ever known the ugly. The most vile and repulsive acts of humankind. And it’s that kind of depravity that has made him into who he is. Someone wretched and devious. A soul fractured from verity.Peris Baxter caught Abel’s eye so vehemently, Abel can’t help but to use Peris’s maelstrom to toy with him. To shred him open in hopes his viscera spills, giving Abel a glimpse of who he is at his core.But Peris has demons too—and they dance beautifully with Abel’s. It’s the one thing neither of them could have anticipated, and now they’re both trapped within each other. Ugliness bared. Skeletons abraded. Anguish fused.Is it possible to find respite with someone who shares your madness?

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