Maid By Chance, Duchess By Fate by Alice Kirks

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Maid By Chance, Duchess By Fate by Alice Kirks

As a maid to Baron Atterbury’s daughter, Maggie Hay never expected anything more. She knew her place, even when her Lady’s behavior made her want to forget. Yet, when a strange chance encounter at a ball brings her face to face with a charming man who makes her heart flutter in a way that it shouldn’t, everything changes… Maggie ends up being drawn into a mystery that could threaten everything she holds dear, but also bring hope to her life.
Will she manage to uncover the truth in time or will she sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of honor?

Amidst the grandeur of his country estate, Adam Radcliffe, Duke of Banbury, grapples with his own inner turmoil as he faces a dilemma that could shatter his carefully constructed world. Multiple incidents make it clear that someone knows about his past, making him dread the consequences… Yet somehow, his instinct tells him that it has something to do with the beautiful maid with the stunning eyes he chased the night of the ball, making him think she is spying on him.
Can he protect his family’s legacy while pursuing a forbidden love that defies the rigid constraints of society?

As Maggie and Adam face mounting pressure from society’s expectations and their own inner demons, he discovers something that could ruin any future they might have. Maggie would never be able to forgive him if he pursued what he found, but if left alone, it could prove disastrous. When dark secrets emerge and loyalties are tested, will their love be enough to withstand the storms that threaten to engulf them both?

“Maid by Chance, Duchess by Fate” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Maid By Chance, Duchess By Fate – Alice Kirks

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