Mage Assassins & Other Misfits by Annette Marie [ePub]

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Mage Assassins & Other Misfits (The Guild Codex: Warped #5) by Annette Marie, Rob Jacobsen

The weirdness level of my life has reached an all-time high. Which is saying something, considering I started out as a psychic conman and somehow ended up as a MagiPol agent. And not just any agent. Lately, I’ve been Captain Blythe’s right-hand man and most trusted confidant.
Yeah, I know. Super weird.
It’s also kind of awkward because, unbeknownst to her, I’ve also teamed up with her most loathed nemesis, Darius King, guild master of the Crow and Hammer and the number one guy on the Consilium’s “To Be Eliminated” list.
Oh, and the Consilium? It’s just a secret organization embedded deep in the upper echelons of the MPD that’s using its nefarious influence to take over the world. Or destroy it. We’re still figuring that part out.
“We” being me and Blythe. And me and Darius. But not Blythe and Darius. Like I said, it’s awkward.
Unfortunately, the Consilium knows we’re on to them. Their plans are already in motion, and if we don’t find a way to stop them, the mythic world will change for the worse—and there’ll be no going back.

Mage Assassins & Other Misfits – Annette Marie, Rob Jacobsen

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