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Madness Blooms (Madness of Two) by Rena Krowe

I believed nothing could be worse than losing my father. Or being forced to start over in a frigid, remote town across the country.
But I was wrong.
A masked murderer chases me on the way home from work. I should have known better than to walk home alone. But just as he’s about to inflict the killing blow, he shows mercy.
But why? Why did he let me live?
Now, I’m terrified of being alone. Then I meet Luke Quinn. He is the perfect boyfriend, everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner. With him, everything feels like it’s finally falling into place.

I walk a bloody path, a predator stalking worse predators. People may call it murder, but it’s the only justice they’ll ever face.
I’m searching for her—the one who is just like me. For years, my quest has been relentless. In a fortuitous stroke of fate, destiny steers me right into Grace Lawrence’s orbit. I know I should probably kill her.
But I can use her—because with her, my search is finally coming to an end.
Grace is nothing. A nobody. Just a toy for me to break.
Welcome to your worst nightmare, Little Bunny.

This is a dark romance intended for an adult audience. As it is a prequel, it does not have an HEA and is recommended to read before Madness of Two. Please see the author’s website for a comprehensive list of CWs.

Madness Blooms – Rena Krowe

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