Maddest Temptation by Fernanda Graziano

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He was supposed to hate me, not make me fall in love with him.
Francesca: I am addicted to destructive decisions, until one of them lands me in a place I never thought I’d– be-behind bars. And who do I call for help? Cassio Moretti, the man who shattered my heart four years ago. Cassio is my damnation wrapped up in my salvation.
Cassio: Wounded by those who have robbed me of everything, I will stop at nothing to seek vengeance, until an unexpected call from Francesca disrupts everything. Rescuing her from prison should have been a one-time favor. We were supposed to have parted ways, but she became an addiction I couldn’t seem to shake. Francesca was an angel wrapped up in all my maddest temptations.
But we’d both be lying if we said we didn’t feel a spark threatening to turn into a full-fledged flame.

Maddest Temptation – Fernanda Graziano ePUB

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