Loved By The Alien Huntsman by Kate Sinner [ePub]

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Loved By The Alien Huntsman (Planet Atraxis Warriors) by Kate Sinner

Only the strength of a warrior can keep you safe.

My job is simple; scan the environment and return to the safety of the colony. The planet is dangerous, but I don’t expect to encounter any of the native beasts.
So it’s a bit of a surprise when I meet him. The barbarian alien that’s made of pure muscle. He’s green, he’s got a tail and pointed ears… and did I mention that he’s *ahem* huge? I can’t help the way I respond to him. The way he looks at me has me melting.
But he shouldn’t exist. And I still have a mission to do.

Our people are dying. We have no mates, and no hope. Until she came along. But my Eve is determined to return home. And to make matters worse another male seeks her for himself. Until she can help her people, I will be her fierce protector. I will stop at nothing to keep her. Eve is MINE.
With heart-pumping action and steamy romance, “Loved by The Alien Huntsman” is the short story prequel to the science fiction series “Planet Atraxis Warriors” you won’t be able to put down.

Loved By The Alien Huntsman – Kate Sinner

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