Love Letters and Thirst Tonics by Hailey Blackwood

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Love Letters and Thirst Tonics (Moonvale Matches #1) by Hailey Blackwood

Two vampires, a magical town, and a spoonful of spice…
Love sucks. Literally.

For Fiella, life in the magical village of Moonvale used to be peaceful. Her world is turned upside down when a magical attack destroys her trinket shop and everything she has worked for. She is devastated, but finds solace in her new friendship with an anonymous penpal, whose letters ease her troubled mind.
Redd has fled his home in Sunhaven as a last-ditch effort to get a fresh start and escape the bad luck that had been plaguing him. He finds himself in Moonvale, where all the annoyingly friendly local folk seem to need his help. His outlook changes when he lays eyes on a lovely fellow vampire, whose blue hair and fiery temperament ensnare his thoughts.
Limits are tested and bonds are forged when Fiella is forced to accept Redd’s help to rebuild her shop. With the help of friends, magical potions, the local cats, and a few goblets of cider, Fiella and Redd team up to restore what was lost. As the two vampires battle their thirst together through late nights and endless bickering, they might even learn to appreciate each other.

Love Letters and Thirst Tonics – Hailey Blackwood

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