Love is a Roller Coaster by Marie Soleil [ePub]

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Love is a Roller Coaster (Sunkissed Summer Novellas #1) by Marie Soleil

One week before my wedding, I catch my fiancé cheating on me (again). Well, forget him. I make the bold move to cancel the wedding and take the honeymoon—alone. It’s not how I envisioned my week in the small beach town of Canyon Cove, Southern California, but I’m determined to enjoy it anyway.
What I didn’t count on was running into Tyler Matthews.
I should’ve known I’d see him again. Five years ago, we had an unforgettable summer romance right here in Canyon Cove. And it turns out Tyler made something of himself—he actually OWNS the hotel I’m staying at. Great job, universe! Way to flip the script on me.
I can’t help the pull I feel towards him again. He’s magnetic, but he’s everything I shouldn’t have—his carefree, easygoing nature doesn’t fit with my life goals. But when he invites me to go to Disneyland with him…I can’t resist.
What can I say?
Love is a roller coaster.

Love is a Roller Coaster – Marie Soleil

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