Love By Design by Yinnie Lin

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Love By Design by Yinnie Lin

Mahalia ‘Hallie’ Hartt is an aspiring designer with dreams of one day starting her own fashion line.

After graduating from one of the most prestigious fashion institutions in London, Hallie faces the hardships of gaining a foothold in the field as she needles through job rejection after job rejection in a tight-knit industry.
So when she’s finally given the chance to intern at a well-known yet highly controversial fashion house in London— she grabs the opportunity with both hands.
But the world of fashion runs two sizes too small as Hallie finds herself at thread and thrum working under the scrutinising supervision of the ever-enigmatic and impossible-to-impress August, the nepo baby son of design powerhouse and fashion conglomerate, Vante Atelier.
And despite starting off on the wrong foot with people pinpricking her passions and pursuits, Hallie is determined to keep her platform Mary Janes in the door.

Caught in a fabric of fashion feuds, run(a)way models and emotional baggage of designer proportions, Hallie must measure up to prove her potential so she can tailor her way and make a name for herself in this fashion-filled and feelings-fuelled work of fiction.

Love By Design – Yinnie Lin

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