Losing his Daddy by A.W. Scott

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Losing his Daddy (Coleman Ranch #6) by A.W. Scott

“He was my everything…”
Gerald Grimes knew what it meant to live with a broken heart. After losing the love of his life, he worked hard to numb the pain with alcohol. When his drinking habit became too much and endangered everyone around him, he left his world behind for a chance to rehabilitate himself. He’s determined to get his life back on track.
Once sober, he knew going back to the ranch would only send him spiraling again. A call to a friend of a friend gets him connected with a new job in the city. He planned to start his life over, one good decision at a time. He just didn’t expect his boss to be so gosh darn tempting.
Weston Joffry was numb. After discovering his fiancée wasn’t all that interested in monogamy after all, he found himself in need of help to restart his life. One call to Tucker, his buddy’s husband and all-knowing expert of personal assistants, had his problem solved in no time at all.
He was ready to begin anew. No more romance, no more dating. It was the perfect plan. Except, when the man with the sad eyes and broken past came knocking, Weston wanted so much more than to hire him. He wanted forever.

Losing his Daddy – A.W. Scott


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