Losing Game by A W Turner

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Losing Game (Office Jinx #3) by A W Turner

SAM – Over-aged intern – I was attracted to strength and charisma, it didn’t hurt that the man I was currently fantasizing about seemed to have both, only he was a candidate running for office against my boss (Mervin Cross). Me wanting to suck on his d*ck was a complication I didn’t need. The man’s views were the opposite of mine. We were too different, and just because I was Bi, that didn’t suggest he was too. Even if he was looking at me like he wanted to devour me. But I had to confide in someone, otherwise I was going to lose my mind as well as my job.

MAMMON – Prince of Greed – MAMMON – I’m not sure how I allowed myself to be drawn into this farce. It’s not as if I don’t already have enough work on my plate. But when I was pulled into a discussion about Mervin Cross, I was intrigued. Just how had the human managed to amass such a fortune without seeking out demonic intervention. The more I heard the more convinced I was that he was destined for the lake of fire and cheated hell out of his soul. So, when Karriel suggested that I help Jack and Ryan with a scheme to bring down Mervin Cross I couldn’t help myself. My role was to offer myself up as a political rival swaying voters just enough for Cross’s popularity to slip. The fact that I had to distract his Digital Campaign Manager enough for Jack to find the evidence he needed to crack the Lucem and Mervin Cross apart was just a bonus. Only I’d never expected him to be my mate.

Losing Game – A W Turner

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