Lord of Ruin by Piper Stone

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Lord of Ruin (Lords of Corruption #4) by Piper Stone

A handsome stranger saved my life twice. My required penance? My silence and my full surrender.
The Big Apple. A city of wealth, extravagance, and danger. I found that out firsthand when I stumbled on a violent crime, an unknown stranger becoming my savior from certain death. But with all good deeds there are consequences, the assailant requiring me to remove a bullet from his shoulder. I was a veterinarian, not a doctor, but I was given no choice.
Soon, I learned my protector was the nefarious Underboss of a brutal Greek Crime Syndicate out of Philly. Stavros Diamondis was as alluring as he was dangerous, a chiseled man who reeked of passion. But when another monster almost ended my life, my savior also became my captor.
Caught up in a turf war, I quickly learned I’d become a pawn. But even though I loathed the Greek God, with every sharp snap of his cane, every breathless moan issued because of his passionate embrace, I lost sight of the treachery. But as the danger exploded all around us, he became determined to protect me.
And keep me forever.

Lord of Ruin – Piper Stone

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