Lone Star Protector by Delores Fossen

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Lone Star Protector (Hard Justice #4) by Delores Fossen

As former military special ops, Nash McKenna has battled adversaries, but his latest mission has the highest stakes. And a very personal connection. Tasked with protecting Caroline Maverick, the daughter of his employer, Nash finds himself entangled in a web of danger and desire.

Caroline Maverick has spent years trying to move past the haunting memories of a vicious attack that nearly claimed her life. Now, with the chilling news of her assailant’s escape from prison, her world spirals into chaos once more. The perpetrator? None other than Nash’s estranged brother, Bodie, determined to finish what he started.
For Nash, the struggle to resist Caroline has been a constant battle. Yet, with the threat of Bodie’s return looming over them, their smoldering attraction is overshadowed by the urgency to keep Caroline safe. Bound by duty and fueled by an undeniable connection, Nash and Caroline must navigate the treacherous terrain of their past while racing against time to apprehend Bodie.

Lone Star Protector – Delores Fossen

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