Little Blue by Alannah Carbonneau

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Little Blue (Volkov Bratva #1) by Alannah Carbonneau

Every rabbit has a wolf that stalks, and hunts—eventually devouring. He is my wolf.

I knew when I meet him that he was no good. The prey inside me quivered at the predator in him, and I fled.
That should have been it. Simple. Done. Forgotten.
But things are never simple. Life has taught me that much, at least.
I smell him where I shouldn’t, winter and sin. I wake in the night, heart pounding, sweat clinging to my skin like dew, certain he’s standing in the shadows, watching. It’s crazy, I know. It’s impossible. And yet—I fantasize about the wrongness of his obsession.
Until he steals me.
Until fantasy becomes a nightmare.
Now, he says I’m his. My body, innocence, freedom…all his.
He vows to make me love him.
But he’s still the wolf who hunted me, and I’ll always be his little rabbit.

Little Blue – Alannah Carbonneau

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