Liam by Melissa Belle

Liam (Storm Brothers #4) by Melissa Belle – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Sometimes forbidden is far too tempting…a single dad, grumpy sunshine hockey romance and latest standalone in the addictive and emotional Storm Brothers series by bestselling author Melissa Belle.
Liam Storm is sinfully gorgeous. He’s a single dad and a hockey star with no room for romance.To me, he is simply off-limits. Forbidden.Not. An. Option.I repeat these three words to myself as I climb into Liam’s vehicle for an unexpected getaway ride from a drama I never should have gotten involved in.I promise myself I’ll thank Liam for the ride and then wave him goodbye.The last thing I need is to get attached to a grumpy hockey star whose priorities will always be his daughter and his job.But as Liam continues to do the unexpected, I realize that maybe goodbye won’t be as easy as I think it will be.

Liam – Melissa Belle ePUB

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