Lethal Encounter by Lynn Hagen

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Lethal Encounter (Midnight Falls #10) by Lynn Hagen

Needing to go for a run, Beckett Lovato takes off into the forest surrounding Midnight Falls, only to find a snared little bunny desperately trying to get free. When Beckett frees it, he smells shifter on the bunny and demands it take human form. To his shock, Santee is his mate and in deep trouble. Not only are poachers back in the forest, but they’ve already made two kills. And somehow Santee’s brother is involved in all of it.
His entire life Santee Delk has been abused by his brother. Not even their parents stepped in the way to save him. Now their parents are off on their dream vacation, leaving Santee vulnerable to Marvell’s evil tendencies. Santee has lost all hope that he can live a safe life until he’s rescued from a snare by a cheetah shifter. When Beckett refuses to let Santee return to the abuse, Marvell gets creative, determined to get his brother back.

Lethal Encounter – Lynn Hagen

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