Leaving from Louisiana by Elaine Manders

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Leaving from Louisiana (The Pioneer Brides of Rattlesnake Ridge #12) by Elaine Manders

New Orleans belle, Gieselle Dubois, is called to Rattlesnake Ridge to help her widowed aunt after a serious accident. When she arrives at the Circle A Ranch, she finds things much worse than she’d expected. Her aunt is not only bed-ridden, but she’s about to lose the ranch due to the loss of her entire herd under mysterious circumstances.

Land investor, Aaron Bainbridge, is offering to partner in the Circle A operation to make it profitable again, but can Gieselle trust the man who offers her aunt an opportunity too good to be true?
Aaron is immediately smitten with the lovely, vivacious Gieselle, but he realizes she distrusts him. Also, any romantic overtures will add to the gossip and ill-will that have already made her aunt a virtual hermit. Besides, Aaron has another reason for being in Rattlesnake Ridge, and he can’t allow a relationship with Gieselle to sidetrack him from his secret mission.

Leaving from Louisiana – Elaine Manders

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