Lead Us To Temptation by Alana Powers [ePub]

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Lead Us To Temptation (Unholy Trinity #1) by Alana Powers

Catalina Alvarez is determined to break free from her suffocating family and live life on her own terms. Embracing a carefree lifestyle filled with parties and reckless indulgence, she plunges headfirst into the world of temptation filled with drugs, sex and alcohol. But her best friend, Gabriel, an ArchAngel with a keen sense of danger, sees the self-destructive path she’s on.
Unwilling to stand by and watch Catalina spiral towards her own demise, Gabriel enlists the help of his notorious brother, Lucifer. Reluctantly, the enigmatic Lucifer agrees to intervene, but his initial disdain for Catalina is palpable. He sees her as just another self-absorbed party girl, destined to waste her life away in pursuit of pleasure. Catalina, in turn, regards Lucifer as an arrogant jerk who thinks he’s above everyone else.
As they clash and collide, a surprising connection begins to form. Lucifer peels back the layers of Catalina’s troubled past, unearthing the haunting secrets she has hidden away. But their fragile alliance is tested when a new, apocalyptic threat emerges, one that could plunge the world into darkness. Now, Lucifer, Catalina, and Gabriel must set aside their differences and unite to save themselves and each other.

Lead Us To Temptation – Alana Powers

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