Last Chance by Rebecca Deel

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Last Chance (Fortress Security #19) by Rebecca Deel

On the journey home from a successful mission, Sawyer Chapman and his Fortress Security black ops teammates are rerouted to Mexico to rescue hostages from a hijacked plane. But when they reach the compound where the hostages are being held, they discover only one woman is still alive. Sawyer’s new mission is to keep the woman he adores safe until he covers the culprit behind the hijacking and stop him from murdering the witness who can bring him to justice.
Janie Moran never expected hijackers to divert her flight or to be the sole survivor. Although she’s rescued in the nick of time by a team of brave men, Janie is far from safe. When danger follows her home, Janie’s only hope for survival is Sawyer, the operative who risked his life to free her from captivity. After Janie falls into a deadly trap, even Sawyer’s formidable skills may not be enough to save them from an early grave.

Last Chance – Rebecca Deel

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