Lady Ivy and the Irishman by Sally Britton

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Lady Ivy and the Irishman (Clairvoir Castle #5) by Sally Britton

Bound by her family’s expectations, Lady Ivy never thought freedom would come in the form of a charming Irish baron with a penchant for flirtation.
Lady Ivy Amberton, weighed down by her family’s expectations, has often struggled to navigate the complexities of high society—until the arrival of Lord Dunmore, a dashing Irish baron whose open charm and spirited view of life turn her world upside down. As Ivy grapples with the unfamiliar thrill of attraction, she is compelled to reconsider her understanding of what it means to truly be herself.
Teague Frost, whose tenure in Parliament has cemented his views on the rigidity of the English, finds himself unexpectedly captivated by Ivy’s intelligence and grace. Her sincerity challenges his prejudices and sparks an affection he had not anticipated. Together, they explore the surprising depths of their connection, each learning to appreciate new truths about themselves and the world.
As their relationship deepens, Ivy and Teague are confronted with the profound implications of their attraction. Can Ivy embrace her true desires and the possibility of a love that defies her family’s plans? Will Teague allow his unexpected love to transform him, fighting for a future that honors both his heritage and his heart?
Set against the elegant backdrop of Regency England, “Lady Ivy and the Irishman” is a tale of self-discovery and unexpected love.

Lady Ivy and the Irishman – Sally Britton

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