Knot My Only Fan by Evie Ellis

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Knot My Only Fan (Knot Forever #2) by Evie Ellis

As a beta, my life was mapped out. One day I was going to buy the cafe I worked at…
Now I’m looking at two pink lines.

In the space of two weeks, my life flipped when my inner omega made a very late arrival. I’m twenty-three years old, and nobody, especially me, expected it.
All I had to do was listen to my mom and get my first heat out of the way, get a beta implant and live a normal life again.
Except, I went against her wishes of having my heat monitored in the safety of a Heat Clinic. Instead, I’ve created an OmegaFans account to sell my heat to my alpha subscribers.
But I don’t expect my number one fan to hunt me down, or to lose my heat-card to him, and I don’t know if it’s because of my raging heat hormones, but I smell him as my scented mate.
Unfortunately, he only wanted my heat, I realize that when he vanishes the next day… I should have known. He told me his career was too important to be tied down.
So why is it when I see him a few months later he looks jealous as hell that I’m on a date? And I now know he’s not the entrepreneur he claimed—he plays for the New York Bears hockey team.
The man behind the mask is Lucas Hilton, the son of a senator and a hockey god, but I don’t care because I’m on a date with Stanton Adams, your captain, because you’re…

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