Knife, Comment, Share by Tylor Paige

Knife, Comment, Share (Final Girls #3) by Tylor Paige – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I always assumed I was named Domino, because my entrance into the Risky family set off a chain of events that would lead to disaster. That’s why I hoped to never step foot back at the park again.Domino is the black sheep of the family, and one of four heirs to the Risky Rush Amusement Park fortune. Despite being the bastard child, she was raised working in the park with her half-siblings, and being taught that things are better off swept under the rug and ignored rather than fixed. Despite the numerous complaints, injuries, and deaths, the park remains open. In order to stay alive, she flees.Swayze and Koi have worked at the park since they were tweens, and now they rule the grounds, bullying and sleeping with whoever they want. When Domino returns, they are given orders to make her life a nightmare, and they are more than happy to do as told. Their best friend died because of her, and it’s time for their revenge.

Knife, Comment, Share – Tylor Paige ePUB

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