Kissed By My Billionaire Boss by J.P. Sterling

Kissed By My Billionaire Boss (Bosses and Billionaires #3) by J.P. Sterling – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Just one summer in our youth and a memorable first kiss was enough to imprint on my heart forever.
One of the most torturous things a soul can endure is to meet the right person at the wrong time.For me, it was Graham—a quiet writing recluse with eyes the color of my mother’s sapphire ring.I was the cliché—just a girl next door, a little too naïve to understand life beyond my parents’ walls.Not to mention the queen of wardrobe malfunctions.Through Graham, life taught me it was often unfair, and I was the one who ended up with a broken heart.

I tried to move on, but I never forgot my boy with sapphire eyes.Then, one day, he stumbled back into my life.Only this time, he was the guy who signed my paycheck.Find out what happened when the boy who stole my heart grew up and unexpectedly became my boss.

Kissed By My Billionaire Boss – J.P. Sterling ePUB

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