Kiss My Axe by RM Neill

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Kiss My Axe (Maple Mountain Lodge #2) by RM Neill

You know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, whoever said that never had the misfortune of meeting Roman Auclair.
Sure, he’s sexy and wears a corset like nobody’s business, but he’s arrogant, entitled and so damn judgemental he should sit on the Supreme Court.
I’d rather sleep with a porcupine than bunk with him.
But I promised my brother I’d help and I’m a man of my word.
It’s not like falling in love with my complete opposite is possible anyway.
In fact, I’m pretty certain I’ll always be single

You know that saying about stereotypical frat boys? Young, dumb and full of—yeah, that one. Nobody wears that dated cliché more than Perry Attwater.
Except he’s a good 15 years removed from college.
Sure, he fits every one of my lumberjack fantasies, but the man doesn’t know the difference between lace and linen. He’s crude, messy, and unashamed about his lack of fashion sense.
I’d rather use my best fabric scissors to chop wood than share a space with him.
But I promised my best friend I’d make our shared accommodations work.
It’s not like I’ll fall in love with a plaid loving mountain man. Love is for losers.
And I always win.

Kiss My Axe – RM Neill

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