Kiss A Ginger Day by Elizabeth SaFleur

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Kiss A Ginger Day by Elizabeth SaFleur

Alice and karma are no longer on speaking terms.

Running into her hot, almost-one-night-stand was not how Alice planned to start her workday. And she plans everything.
Except for sudden snowstorms. And her car getting stuck. And running into a British hottie who carries her home to save her high heels.
But just her luck, the next day, he turns out to be the new management consultant brought in to “cut staff redundancies.” Well, he may be charming and gorgeous in his finely cut suit, but he would NOT stop her rise to CFO, a position she’d been working toward for years.
Theodore’s job at Alice’s company is simple: find the real reason it’s on the verge of bankruptcy, and tell no one about his super-secret investigation—especially Alice, a potential suspect. Easy. If he can tamp down the urge to kiss her—again.
Their sexy banter soon builds an inconvenient heat between them, and they have one tiny slip-up in the supply closet. Okay, more than one. However, he has no intention of getting romantically involved with a colleague, which is forbidden by the company owners.
Too bad they can’t seem to stop themselves.

Fall into this instalove workplace romcom where thank goodness the supply closet door has a lock.

Kiss A Ginger Day – Elizabeth SaFleur

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