Killing Snow by Maree Rose

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Killing Snow by Maree Rose

When I lost my mother, I didn’t know that my stepfather would turn into a monster. Forgetting the thoughts of freedom, every day turned into a battle to survive. To make it to the next day, no matter what abuse he inflicted in me.
When he takes me to a remote cabin in the snow, all I can think of is the worst ending for me. But I wasn’t going to let my life end there at his hands.
Fighting back I’m able to get away, but what greets me isn’t paradise. It’s a snow storm that almost finishes the job my stepfather started.
Until they arrived. Killian, Rayth and Damon save me. They say they want to always be there for me, to make me stronger, to destroy anyone who hurts me.
But do they? Can I really trust them? Will I be free of my stepfather, or is there something even darker going on?

Killing Snow – Maree Rose

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