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Killian (The Rejects Pack #2) by Bethany Maines

Waking up in the long-lost Library of Alexandria, Killian Adeche of the Rejects Pack, and Moira DeSandra of the Oregon Pack have no idea who or what they are—they only know there is no way out, and they’re not alone in the dark. Moira and Killian journey further into the fantastical world of the Library as they attempt to put the pieces together and discover amazing secrets and a love that seems fated. But when warlocks attack the Library, Killian and Moira must draw on the wolf powers they’ve only just discovered and trust in their love for each other to help the Librarians defend the Central Branch. But as their memories begin to return and the warlocks threaten the existence of the entire Library, Moira and Killian discover that while they may be fated mates, they may also have to choose between their own desires and what’s best for their packs.

Killian – Bethany Maines

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