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Killer of Mine (Of Mine #1) by Alexis Grace

She’s the daughter of a serial killer… they’re FBI agents…

No one knows Freya is actually the daughter of the Cross-Cut Killer, America’s most notorious serial killer. Living under a false identity as a detective is isolating but at least Freya’s safe. That is, until she falls onto the radar of Special Agent River Park and his team.
River, Oz, Elijah and Jude have been chasing the Cross-Cut Killer for years. They’re the best the FBI has to offer, not to mention unfairly attractive. They know exactly who the killer is but he’s always one step ahead of them. Freya is about to change that.
When Freya’s true identity is uncovered, she’s forced to work with River and his team. All Freya wants is to catch her father, getting involved with not one but four FBI agents would be a very bad idea.
But River and his team aren’t prepared for the spitfire young woman who’s too pretty for her own good. She’s hiding more than scars and a woman with secrets might just be kryptonite to a group of profilers.

Killer of Mine is a full length, mature, New Adult romance with elements of enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, darker moments and on the page spice. This is a why choose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of a planned trilogy but does not end on a big cliff-hanger. Please read the trigger warnings.

Killer of Mine – Alexis Grace

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