Keeping Teresa by Nicole Flockton

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Keeping Teresa (Alliez Security #3) by Nicole Flockton

Teresa Carter
Investigative reporter Teresa takes her job seriously. She’s no stranger to the hazardous nature of her occupation, but this latest story has even her boss turning his back on her. A story he encouraged her to pursue.
Danger is lurking everywhere, waiting to strike even when she’s in her own home. Teresa can’t do it alone and needs help, except she doesn’t know who she can trust.
Desperate times calls for desperate measures and her last hope is to turn to her high school crush—someone she hasn’t spoken to in years and hope Angelo remembers her.

Angelo ‘Angel’ Donatello
The last person former SEAL Angel expects to hear from is a woman he had limited conversations with during high school. Yet the moment he hears the fear in her voice, his protective instinct kicks in and he will do whatever she needs to keep her safe.
The woman standing in front of him ignites a long-buried desire, one he’d ignored in his youth but can’t ignore now. Nor does he want to. Now he has her under his roof, he’s not going to let her go, especially since her life is under further threat.
Even with every safety measure in place, nothing can stop the man who wants her gone and when she’s taken, Angel will stop at nothing to get her back.

Keeping Teresa – Nicole Flockton

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