KAI Tortured by Alexandra Iff [ePub]

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KAI Tortured (New York Mafia Vengeance #3) by Alexandra Iff

Bound to an enemy I never knew I had, my life is nothing but a pawn in their deadly games. Now I’m marked for death by those I dared to love, and the end is closer than ever.

We should have killed her a long time ago. Yet here I am, drenched in blood and chaos, fighting to shield her from the very assassins we unleashed. The line between love and hate is blurring – how can I save her without losing myself?

A single call, a single decision I can’t take back. Now, racing against time and my own demons, I strive to undo what’s set in motion. But some choices, like bullets, can’t be recalled.

They thought they could take her from me. They thought wrong. In a world ruled by power and fear, I chose her over it all. But I thought saving her would be my redemption, yet wherever she goes, death and destruction follow, and the battle lines are being redrawn over and over. I waged a war against fate itself, but at what cost?

KAI Tortured – Alexandra Iff

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