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Jordan (East Dremest Mafia #1) by Michelle Dare

My days and nights were spent running successful legal and illegal businesses. As the mafia boss of East Dremest, I had a reputation to uphold. Falling for two men was a weakness I didn’t want.

The people I loved before were no longer above ground. Circumstances arose and they were a risk I had to extinguish. Nothing good came from me loving another. I didn’t want to do so again.
Trying to resist Vail and Hartley was useless. Once I had them close, letting them go was impossible.
They were mine and I’d show them what it meant to be so.
I had to keep my lives separate. They didn’t need to see the blood on my hands or the weapons I kept. They didn’t need to witness the violence.
But I wasn’t the only one with a past.
Their lives were mine to protect. Their hearts were mine to hold. I would do anything in my power to keep them safe.
If only it were that easy. If only theirs weren’t the only hearts in play.

Jordan – Michelle Dare

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