Jaxon by Ashley Zakrzewski

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Jaxon (Ride With Me) by Ashley Zakrzewski

Touch her and you die…

Rachel Lewis goes home to her secure, small apartment, and dives into her books. A haven away from the cruelties that exist out there.
Her instincts tell her to run when a handsome biker asks her on a date, but she says yes.
Jaxon is the President of the Green Devils, a group known for their vile ways and their fierce loyalty. The tattoos that cover his body tell a story of pain, loss, and redemption.

As the tension between rivals reaches a boiling point, Rachel finds herself caught in the crossfire. But she’s not alone – the Green Devils are there to protect their own, and Jaxon is willing to do whatever it takes to claim her.

Jaxon – Ashley Zakrzewski

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