Jack Frost by Cassandra Chandler

Jack Frost (Court of the Springtime Fae #1) by Cassandra Chandler – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Can a cold-bound Fae warm his heart to their little family?
Jack Frost has always been alone. Skirting the lines between the Courts of the Fae gives him the freedom he craves, but keeps him from having a home. That is, until a little boy’s Christmas wish brings them together. Charlie’s concern for Jack melts the edges of his frozen heart, but when Jack meets the boy’s mother, it lights a fire in him like nothing he’s ever felt before—a fire he’ll do anything to protect.
Ava Salgado only wants what’s best for her son, Charlie. Moving to Crystal Hollow, away from her inattentive ex and the bustle of the big city, has given them a new community and a fresh start. When one of her new best friends brings in a huge client, she thinks this is a chance to bring in more business to her flower shop and provide Charlie with some much-needed stability. Ava’s sense of balance is thrown when her son brings home a gorgeous man who seems in need of shelter and quickly finds his way into her heart. When Jack finishes what seemed an impossible task for her, she has to wonder who he really is and why he’s helping her.
Jack can tell that Ava is being tested by powerful members of the Court of the Springtime Fae. What he doesn’t know is why. The more he unravels the mystery, the more he grows to care about Ava and Charlie. Will he be able to protect them from the will of the Springtime Court? Or will he lose his chance at the warmth of a loving family?

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