It Had to Be You by Beth Moran [ePub]

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It Had to Be You by Beth Moran

Growing up, sisters Libby and Nicky never knew who they’d find at breakfast.

Their parents fostered children of all ages, and although the girls loved playing their part in providing a safe haven, it meant that life was rarely peaceful.
Now as a single mother of two, Libby’s life is still anything but peaceful. In her work as an antenatal coach, as well as for the charity she and Nicky run for teenage mothers, Libby uses all the skills she learnt growing up surrounded by children. Her days are full, caring for her family, the mothers-to-be and the latest strays she has welcomed into her home. But in the dark of the lonely nights, Libby worries she’s falling apart at the seams.
One troubled boy and a reckless decision she made thirteen years ago still haunts her.
Two hearts that were broken, still not mended.
The time has come for Libby to look out for herself. As her family, friends and her community have known forever, Libby is one of a kind, and if she can just learn to love herself, she may be able to welcome back the love she let slip through her fingers.

It Had to Be You – Beth Moran

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