Irrevocable by Nichole Rose

Irrevocable (Illicit Love) by Nichole Rose – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He took what didn’t belong to him. Now, he’ll burn it all to the ground to keep her.

Domani Brambilla
I’ve spent my entire life with a gun in my hand and my back against the wall.
I learned exactly two things: Kill or be killed.
That’s the fate awaiting me. That’s my destiny.
Right up until I find a pretty little Irish goddess asleep in a bed and take what doesn’t belong to me.
Now, I’m forging my own fate and writing my own destiny.
And I intend to do it with Finley at my side.
Even if I have to wipe out every member of her family and mine to do it.
She belongs to me. Not even hell itself will take her from me now.

Finley Brennan
I’ve spent my entire life with a smile on my face and a cage of glass surrounding me.
I know exactly two things: My family is dangerous, and I want out.
But I never expected to be plucked from my bed by a member of the mob.
Nor did I think I’d be so ungodly attracted to him.
Domani is like no one I’ve ever met.
His hands are stained in blood, but when they’re on my body, I don’t care what kind of monster he is.
I know he’s even more dangerous than my family, but I don’t care about that, either.
I want him. Even if it means risking everything.
But I never expected the cost to be this high.
If love is pain, what’s the price of a soul?

Before they fell head-over-heels, the Valentino brothers ruled Chicago with iron wills and closed fists. Now, the men in their inner circle are taking the reins and taking the plunge into their own deliciously wicked happily-ever-afters. The streets of Chicago will run red as these bad boys set out to tame the curvy women fate has in store for them. And they’ll take no prisoners along the way.

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