Irresistible Darkness by Raven Wood

Irresistible Darkness (Kings of Blackwater #4) by Raven Wood – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

As the sole heir to a massive business empire, I have had my whole future mapped out for me from the day I was born. I have also had my entire life monitored. Everywhere I go, a bodyguard follows.And I have had enough. I just want to attend university like a normal person without being shadowed, so I have scared off bodyguard after bodyguard by being an absolute menace.But then my father called in him. Jace Hunter. The youngest son from a legendary assassin family.Because he grew up with several unhinged brothers, he thinks that he can handle me. But he has no idea who he is up against. I will be more than just his own personal demon. I will be his undoing.

Irresistible Darkness – Raven Wood ePUB

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