Irish Heat by Michelle Maree [ePub]

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Irish Heat by Michelle Maree

Lucy had all but given up on love, but a fiery encounter ignites a spark that could mend her broken heart and rekindle her belief in love.

Lucy has packed her bags and her fair share of heartache, ready for a fresh start in Ireland. Sparks fly when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger on a night out, but a relationship is the last thing she wants. Just when she thinks she’s seen the last of him, her steamy one-night stand reappears in the most unexpected places.
Now, she finds herself caught in a whirlwind of awkward encounters. Attempting to guard her heart, she struggles to extinguish the blaze smoldering beneath the surface. As she navigates a journey of self-discovery, she must confront her past and decide whether to open her heart to the possibility of love once more.

Irish Heat – Michelle Maree

Download Irish Heat by Michelle Maree [ePub]

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