Invisible Scars by Nicky James

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Invisible Scars (Shadowy Solutions #0.5) by Nicky James

An embarrassing mishap with a lightbulb lands Toronto Police Department records clerk Tallus Domingo in the arms of Diem Krause, a surly ex-cop turned private investigator—literally.
In search of his usual informant within the department, Diem wasn’t prepared to end up with a handful of Tallus, but that was who he got.
Diem’s case is complicated, but his relationship with his old employer is more so, so he’s not inclined to accept help from someone he doesn’t know.
But Tallus won’t be disregarded. He won’t be cast aside. Tallus’s dreams of investigative work push him and Diem together.
Can this unlikely pair work amicably to solve Diem’s case?
Will their evident attraction to one another get in the way?

Invisible Scars – Nicky James

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