Into the Fire by K.G. Reuss

Into the Fire (Mayfair University #4) by K.G. Reuss – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Where there was smoke, there was flame, and my world was a wildfire.
Not everything in life was meant to stay the same.
I learned that at Mayfair.
Friends. Lovers. Dreams.
It had all caught fire, and I was helpless to stop any of it.
At least that was what I told myself.
But maybe I was the problem.
Maybe I’d been the one wielding the flame.
Or maybe it was him.
Anson Beyers. My closest friend. My muse. The one who could pull me out of hell while simultaneously delivering me to a new version of it.
My guys hated him, but I couldn’t stop the spark that keeps growing. With new enemies and a dangerous world ahead of us, I didn’t know whether to embrace the heat or run from it.
Not everyone in our world was a friend, but not all were enemies. I didn’t know where I belonged as everything ignited around me.
One question plagued me as things heated up though.
Would I keep my halo while we danced through these flames?

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