Inferno by Andi Rhodes

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Inferno (Valhalla Rising MC #2) by Andi Rhodes

Humans are taught that death is the end, that it’s their soul’s final curtain call. But for the members of Valhalla Rising MC, death is only the beginning.

Life is a series of events that can either make or break a man. As a human, I always seemed to find trouble, and that was never truer than the day I ran into a burning building to save its occupants. Unfortunately, I was only able to save two, and they went on to live another day. I, on the other hand, died in that fire.
But it wasn’t the end for me. I became a celebrated hero, both in Valhalla and in the human world. When the little girl I saved is all grown up, she’s in danger again, and Odin sends me to the land of the living to protect her. The problem is, I look exactly as she remembers, and that leads her to the wrong conclusion that I’m the enemy.
It doesn’t matter. The second I lay eyes on her as a beautiful woman, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to save her life… again.
When I was a child, I was one of two survivors of a horrible tragedy. Hundreds died that day, including the man who rescued me. I was changed in ways I couldn’t even begin to fathom at such a young age, but as I got older, it became clearer. Helping other survivors of trauma is my calling, my passion.
But how can I help others when I can’t even help myself? I’m suddenly the target of a deranged stalker, and my life is once again in jeopardy. A ghost from my past appears, quite literally, and I’m convinced he’s the one who’s out to get me. But despite my fear, there’s something about him that forces me to accept his help.
My life was spared once, but will my luck hold out? Or will I die right as the world starts to make sense again?

Inferno – Andi Rhodes

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