In the Light of the Moon by Noelle Upton

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Sylvie, a twenty-eight-year-old undergraduate student, has recently moved to Antler Pointe following the death of her father. She’s committed to finally finish her degree in English and to learn her family craft under the tutelage of her grandmother. One night, while closing up at her part-time job, Sylvie stumbles upon an injured man. After helping him on his feet, and watching him shuffle off into the night, Sylvie goes into her last year of college with an enthusiasm to finally set her life back on track. What she doesn’t expect, however, is to quite literally run into the man she helped, now fully healed. He’s curt and suspicious of her but is committed to settle the debt of her kindness.
Orion is a literature professor who has settled in his hometown after years of trying to find his place. After a disastrous attempt, Orion has resolved himself to live a quiet life on his family’s land with nature and books for companions. But once a witch with kind eyes saves him by caring for and generously gifting him with her smiles, he starts to hope that he may not need to remain alone.
However, there is something sinister happening in Antler Pointe, and while they’re eager to explore a peaceful life with one another, Sylvie and Orion are quickly swept up in a string of disappearances that culminates in a bloody showdown. In the Light of the Moon is a paranormal romance with a fall backdrop where witches and shifters meet, fight, and love. All under the light and shadows of a living forest that calls to both groups with very different songs.

In the Light of the Moon – Noelle Upton ePUB

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